Run WifeGeeding Run

I’m proud of my wife for many reasons, but most recently I’m proud of how she trained and completed her first half marathon.

Flickr Slideshow

What did I do the whole time when she was running?

I walked over to an Omni hotel and ate breakfast.

But I made it back in time to greet her at the finish line.

Here’s an interesting observation . . .

I noticed there were two pregnant racers.  I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to everything pregnancy related, so I had no idea how far along in their pregnancy, but off hand I would think all that running for 13.1 miles would be bad for the unborn child.  However they both had some sort of support strap that kinda looked like this:

There was one of them in retrospect I wish I would have taken a photo of since her belly wasn’t covered (other than the support strap) and her belly button had a ring and tattoo around it.

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8 Responses to Run WifeGeeding Run

  1. sistergeeding says:

    me likey the last picture in the slideshow…

  2. boratlundy says:

    WOW!! Great work, and a great time as well!!! Keep it up….if you can do a half you can do a full!!

  3. MamaToots says:

    Thank you, Keith for no picture of the pregnant lady!
    I, too, am proud of the runner……..for many reasons, one of which is her athletic endeavors. She’s GREAT!!

  4. jc says:

    What’s the lady’s time?

  5. jc says:


    got it! congrats!

  6. Tammy says:

    That is terrific!! Congrats, Wife Geeding!!! You should be very proud of yourself!!!

  7. Andy Box says:

    Way to go, Kelsey! That is quite an achievement!

  8. BSG says:

    Congrats! And a very nice time to boot!!!

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