Random Lost Thoughts

  • The season finale is not next week but the week after.  Are they trying to ween us off slowly so we can adjust to the summer?  Summer isn’t even here and I’m ready for it to be over.  Give me my Lost and football.
  • I noticed two rabbit foots in this episode.  Perhaps a tip of the hat to Alice in Wonderland?  I dunno.
  • Jesus Christ is not a weapon.  I need that on a t-shirt.
  • Lost has been on for four years, so I have to remind myself that the events on the island lasts only a hundred and something days.  Remember, it was the Oceanic spokeswoman at the press conference that stated that on day 108 they made it to the inhabited island of Sunda.  Actually, she said eight of them survived the crash and only six of them made it to the island.  I wonder who are the other two the Oceanic 6 are claiming survived the crash?
  • Everytime I see Cheech I can’t help but chuckle.  Also, everytime I see him I wonder what Chong is doing.
  • I think Ben knows he can’t be killed, that the island won’t let him die, and that’s why he’s able to walk right up to the Orchid to those soldier dudes.  That scene was almost Jedi like.
  • WifeGeeding and I think that Sun’s father has a glass eye.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if her father has a connection to Ben or Widmore.  Also, I don’t think the Oceanic settlement would be enough for Jin to buy a controlling interest in her father’s company.  Perhaps she’s also getting financial support from Ben or Widmore.
  • I have a hunch that Jin isn’t dead.
  • It’s cool that Jack and Sawyer care enough for Hurley to want to rescue him from Locke and Ben.
  • Lost has the saddest piano music in the history of ever.  I have to admit the show has a terrific musical score.
  • How sad it must have been for Kate and Sayid as the only two of the Oceanic 6 to not have loved ones visit them as they came off the airplane.
  • I’ve always wondered from a business and legal perspective about what happens when a person is presumed dead and life insurance money is distributed, but then the person who is declared dead comes back alive.  Lost may not be the best example, but the Tom Hanks character in Castaway fits the bill.  When he’s found alive, does his beneficiaries get to keep the life insurance money, or do they have to give all or a portion back?  What if he had student loans and they were forgiven because of his death?  Would the student loan folks open the account back up and seek repayment?  Or better yet, consider Thurston Howell of Gilligan’s Island.  If his estate was distributed and he comes back alive, is he able to recoup his entire estate?  Someone could have bought one of his assets at an estate sale, would that purchaser get to keep that asset?  Oooops, I appear to be babbling.
  • We are going to find out who is in the coffin in the next episode, and my money is still on Michael.
  • Random thought about the device on Keamy’s arm, the leader of the military team.  I bet it’s somehow connected to the explosives on the ship.  If he dies (no pulse) then the ship blows up.  This would make for great leverage negotiating with Locke, Jack, or Sawyer.
  • I heard an interesting theory that Matthew Abbodon is Walt all grown up.  It’s an entertaining theory, but i don’t think it’s true.  In case you are wondering, Abbodon is the biblical Angel of the Abyss in the book of Revelation, and the name is Greek for “destruction.”  All of this reminds me of a Bible prof I had in college.  He once stated that if any of us were preaching and he heard us refer to the book of Revelation as the “Revelations” he would stand up and correct us that that book does not have an “s”.  Everyone has their pet peeves I guess.  My friend Jimi can’t stand wooden spoons.  Ooops, I’m rambling again.  I guess it’s because it’s Friday and I don’t really want to work, especially since I have less than two weeks at this place.  It’s so tempting to just quit and walk out, but good parenting is preventing me to do so.  Beside, my project workload would just have to be dumped on some friends and that would just be wrong.  Oh, rambling.
  • I get a kick out of the Geronimo Jackson references.
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2 Responses to Random Lost Thoughts

  1. Brent says:

    Re: Lost, I’m guessing that it is Juliet in the coffin. But, Michael is a good guess too. Is there rumor that it is a man?

  2. DWCliff says:

    Go ahead and enjoy your summer….Lost won’t return until Spring 2009. And according to the same report this week the show will have two season remaining before its over.

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