Praying for Papers

This is a troubling time in the newspaper business. Everyday we hear stories from papers who are laying off employees and struggling to stay afloat.

Our idea at Praying for Papers is to encourage anyone who is touched by this shift in our industry include it each day in their prayer life.

This includes:

* Praying for your brothers and sisters in the business who have lost their jobs or may be in danger of losing their jobs – as well as their families.

* Prayers for the leaders of our business to do the right thing in their decision-making, having them keep in mind what Christ would do.

* Praying for the people in our business who are far from God. Many of us have been troubled by the cynicism of journalism and the heaviness that places on our hearts. Freedom in Christ, no matter job circumstances, can help a lot of people.


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One Response to Praying for Papers

  1. dan says:

    better pray extra hard for the Dallas Morning News; it gets smaller every week.

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