Political Bumper Sticker Thought

A friend of mine sent me this picture and it just made me think of all the W bumper stickers I still see on many vehicles in Texas.  These are the two I see most often:

I wonder why they haven’t taken the time to remove those stickers.  Possible reasons:

  • Because he’s from Texas and these folks still think well of him.
  • Too lazy to remove the sticker.
  • They lost a bet.
  • They don’t listen to the news.
  • They think a faded four-year-old sticker looks really cool.
  • They think he’s running for a third term.
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One Response to Political Bumper Sticker Thought

  1. Grace says:

    Im from Texas, we dont think good of him either. Its the weird uncle that nobody will leave their kids with. That embarressing friend that you cringe when he shows up at the same bar as you. The retarded family member that you have to tell your dates “Alright, now before you meet George, you need to know…”

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