Pizza Hut offers to cater Bush wedding

A Pizza Hut spokesman has confirmed that the company’s offer to help cater the wedding of First (Twin) Daughter Jenna Bush this weekend in Texas is sincere.

“It’s the real deal. The letter was sent from our president (Scott Bergren) to the president this week,” said Pizza Hut spokesman Chris Fuller.

The letter, dated May 5, 2008, circulated widely on the Internet Thursday, where it was picked up on the snarky political website Wonkette. The offer on Pizza Hut letterhead is signed by Bergren, congratulates President Bush on the marriage of his daughter and offers to provide the pizza chain’s “Pizza Miaâ„¢ to hungry guests.” The letter also makes clear that the company would provide it “with any of Jenna’s favorite toppings.”

If taken up, Fuller said, the offer would be a public relations coup for the Dallas-based company up the road from the Bush family’s ranch outside Crawford, Texas. It would also associate with the first White House wedding in a generation a yellow-based greasy cuisine usually associated with family meals and college dorm binges.

“It has not yet been accepted,” Fuller said.


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