No Blogging Today

But if you are really bored, share your earliest childhood memory .

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13 Responses to No Blogging Today

  1. Chlp says:

    the earliest memory i can remember was when i was 3. my family and i live in a trailer park b/c thats all my dad could afford then. i remember going up to other people’s trailer during the day and look through their screen door. then they would get upset with me and bring me back to my mom.

  2. JayCee says:

    I was jumping on my bed and hit my head on the bedpost. I still have a small scar from it today.

  3. GWU448 says:

    Easter egg hunting

  4. Dustin says:

    Watching Bugs Bunn on ABC on Saturday morning, oh, and Loui the Lightning Bug public service announcements.

  5. stef says:

    Falling down the stairs. My parents have said it was when I was two or three. I remember the feeling of “this is never going to stop,” I just kept tumbling and tumbling. I also remember there was yellow shag carpet on the stairs

  6. HeyJules says:

    Watching my parents bring my baby brother home from the hospital. I instantly realized, as I stood there looking at my OLDER brother, that I was now outnumbered…

  7. Starr says:

    I once thought my earliest memory was of a kid in preschool that had really hairy arms. But then my husband heard me telling that story and said that was actually his memory, and that I had heard him talking about it and stolen it from him. Which I totally believe.

  8. sistergeeding says:

    ***Points towards kitchen.*** READY EAT!!!

  9. noevadeaux says:

    Riding “Old Sody”, my rocking horse, on the front porch of our grocery store, wearing only my underpants and cowgirl boots.

  10. Rev. Hart says:

    My earliest memory of conscious thought involves me talking to God. No joke, that’s my earliest memory. I think I was in the crib.

  11. Ryan says:

    It involves crayons and permanant markers and my parents left me and my kid sister alone for about 10 minutes. I remember wanting to be a professial artist. I can’t remember what happened next.

  12. Darren says:

    I remember wishing I was big and some guy named Voltaire
    looking at me funny and then I played “Chopsticks” on a floor piano…I think that was me?

  13. BSG says:

    I remember sneaking out of my crib through a slot where one of the bars had come loose. I looked down the hallway and saw my mother’s shocked face. I think I was too big to be in a crib to start with.

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