Mosquito Ringtones

The ringtone is based upon the Mosquito device, that around 3,500 retailers have installed across the UK to keep kids away from their stores and premises. The Mosquito emits a very-high pitched whine that most people over 30 can’t hear, but becomes very annying for anyone under 30.

Click here (and scroll to the bottom) to hear various samples for each age group.  As a 32-year-old, I couldn’t hear anything 24 and younger.

[Thanks, Melissa!]

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3 Responses to Mosquito Ringtones

  1. momma says:

    Sadly, I could not hear anything in the 30 and under OR the 40 and under link. That is not a good.

  2. z says:

    I could hear the “50 and under” and I’m 60.

    I guess that means that if I’m hanging out with a bunch of 40- and 50-year old delinquents, that sound would chase me away from my favorite loitering spot.

    Z from Chicago

  3. carolyn says:

    My local shopping center plays continuous classical chamber music to keep those teenagers movin’ on. I’ve also read about “Sinatra Detention” employed as a (real) threat to deter kids from being tardy.

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