Dwyane Wade bought a church for his mom

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) — Dwyane Wade sat in the first pew Sunday afternoon, looked at his mother, and simply couldn’t hide his emotions.

She had made him cry often before. This time, it was different.

“This is tears of joy,” he said, beaming. “Tears of joy for my mother.”

Before she was known as the mother of the Miami Heat superstar and 2006 NBA finals MVP, Jolinda Wade was known as an inmate, a fugitive, a drug user and drug seller.

Her life turned around seven years ago when, after years of urging by her children, she got help and got clean. Along the way, she devoted her life to spreading the word of God, starting her first ministry while doing time in state prison.

Now, that ministry has a new home, called the Temple of Praise.

Jolinda Wade’s very own church.

Her son bought it, and her children and her congregation gathered to dedicate it Sunday.

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