Bag of Randomness – My Week Off and Lost Stuff

My week off:

  • Indiana Jones was extremely disappointing – 19 years of anticipation down the drain.
  • From The Earth to the Moon is some pretty good stuff. It’s about 12 hours long and I think I have about three hours left to watch. After finishing this series I think I will now rent/buy The Right Stuff.
  • I spent some time with a very good friend who also happens to be a student at Dallas Theological Seminary. We spent a great deal of time discussing various areas about God’s word in which I feel challenged about as of late. He thinks I should start seminary. I’m certainly not called to go into the ministry as a profession (after all, we all are here to minister) but that has a been a thought I’ve entertained over the years.
  • I’m putting together a book about my Vietnam trip last year using my blog posts and all my photos. It’s taking much longer than I thought.
  • I’m also watching a Truman documentary I recorded off PBS, I think it’s about 6-8 hours long and is narrated by Jason Robards. He’s one fascinating man. One part I find particularly interesting is how unloving his wife and her mother were towards him.
  • Saw a great documentary on David McCullough on HBO that I recommend to any fan of American history.  Here’s more on the documentary.
  • I attended a university workshop and was able to help share some best practices and learn from some veteran faculty, that was pretty cool.
  • My first day of work was actually Friday (so that my benefits will start at the beginning of next month), and I had to meet the two Mike’s in the lobby, which made me think of the two Bob’s from Office Space.
  • So far I really LUV where I work, and oddly enough will have to get use to a dress code that allows for shorts and sandles.
  • I took a trip to get some ice cream and saw a newly restored 1971 Buick Centurion that looked just like the one in the picture. I spoke with the owner and he’s had the car since high school. There were quite a few admirers of the car, but unfortunately for him it didn’t start when everyone was watching. I helped jump start the car, but that didn’t even help start the engine. Poor guy must have been embarrassed.
  • Saturday morning OtherDogGeeding appeared to be choking, if I had to take a guess, I think it was a small piece of grape vine that was accidentally dropped on the floor. I wasn’t able to get it out of his mouth, but I was able to clear his air passage. He then tenderly walked outside and was walking very gingerly. I examined his mouth a bit more as it appeared he was still having trouble breathing, and was able to get him to vomit a little bit. The vomit only contained dog food and the poor little fella was acting very strange so WifeGeeding and I rushed him to the Vet. Our vet was closed, so we took him to this animal hospital down the road. I think that vet should consider redecorating the exam room we waited in because on display was about 10 different containers to keep your pet’s cremated remains. After examining OtherDogGeeding he said in his 30 years of experience, he has never seen a case quite like this. Since his air passage is clear, he recommended keeping an eye on him and feeding him soft food. The rest of the day has been weird as OtherDogGeeding has been crying every time he swallows or begins moving. Hopefully only his throat is soar, but he will not eat or drink on his own. I’ve been giving him water through an eye dropper and WifeGeeding is feeding him soft dog food by placing it in his mouth as he won’t eat it on his own. Dogs are kinda like babies in that you know that something is wrong, but they can’t tell you where or how it hurts, and you are left feeling a bit stranded and helpless.

Lost Stuff:

  • I’ve been telling you for about a year now that Locke was in that coffin. 😉
  • We know Locke was able to leave the island, but could he still walk after leaving the island?
  • Locke used the pseudonym Jeremy Bentham. In case you were not aware, there was actually a real Jeremy Bentham that lived in the 17 and 18 hundreds who happened to be a philosopher and political radical. Coincidence? Link Oh, and his body just happens to rest in an auto-icon. Just scroll down a bit after clicking on this link.
  • I thought the ending of the season ender was fantastic. The viewers got some closure and was able to build some momentum for next season without a cliff hanger that leaves you flustered.
  • Sawyer sure was lucky to swim back to the island in the time that he did. A few minutes later the island would have moved and his only hope of not drowning was Darryl Hanna appearing as a mermaid. Personally, I think he looked a little doughy when he got back to the island.
  • Faraday was on the raft when the island moved. I’m guessing he moved with the island.
  • I have a feeling Desmond and Penny are having lots of alone time. I also wouldn’t be surprised if her father is using her for something island related.
  • How deep was that elevator at the Orchid station, did it go to Antarctica? Much like the battery on the boat, did the core of the island need to be frozen to keep it from going boom?
  • Ben pushing that wheel making it appear that it was hard to move wasn’t that believable. You could see that thing shake from time to time.
  • I wonder if we will ever see the Dharma video guy in anything other than a video?
  • Walt is a big boy. There’s no flashbacks using him anymore because it just wouldn’t be possible, so he can only be used either as-is or in the future. I wonder if he too will search for the island with the others?
  • Jin can still be alive if he somehow survived the explosion and swam back to the island before it moved. But if Hurley sees him next season, we will know he’s nothing more than fish food.
  • I wonder what’s up with Vincent?
  • Clair was a little freaky, and so is her father.
  • From Sun’s meeting with Mr Widmore, it appears her father had a relationship with him.
  • I can’t help but think of Dana Scully every time Jack rejects the impossible which clearly happened.
  • Did you notice the Octagon Global Recruiting commercial for non-paid positions in San Diego? It’s Lost related. Link I submitted my email address and the site said I would be contacted by a representative shortly, so far nothing. What’s happening that weekend in San Diego? Comic-Con
  • Just eight months until the next season. Checkmate, Mr Eko.
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  1. Melissa says:

    wow…you missed us as we missed you! look at ALL the stuff you dreamed about on that couch…LOL

    Sounds like you did have a nice/relaxing and fun week.

    Very strange about ODG…keep us posted on his progress.

    Welcome back!

  2. bigtexastom says:

    Glad to have you back Geeding….life without BoN is somewhat boring and meaningless….

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