Wow! I thought Conan was untouchable

NEW YORK (AP) — Recently sworn-in U.S. citizen Craig Ferguson is being embraced by his new countrymen: The late-night comic hit a ratings milestone last week with his first victory over NBC’s Conan O’Brien.

The CBS “Late Late Show” averaged more viewers than O’Brien’s “Late Night” (1.88 million to 1.77 million) for the first week during which they each competed with all-original shows since Ferguson started in January 2005.

It caps a slow and steady climb for Ferguson and raises a red flag for future “Tonight” show host O’Brien, although NBC says it is still happy with O’Brien’s audience.

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4 Responses to Wow! I thought Conan was untouchable

  1. Nancy says:

    Of the geriatric set, Craig captures it all. I laugh so hard I fall out of bed . . .and, this is every night!

  2. DB says:

    My household definitely likes Craig Ferguson more than Conan. For us it is the news on channel 8, Leno on channel 5 and then Ferguson on channel 11 each weeknight. When Conan moves into Leno’s spot I expect we will quit watching. We will give him a shot, but if he continues to do the same type of show/humor it won’t last long. I have a feeling his tenure on the Tonight Show might be short lived.

  3. Nathan S. says:

    I’ve always liked Ferguson better than Conan

  4. Eileen D. says:

    My husband and I absolutely love Craig Ferguson. Because the show is on so late, we tape it every night and watch it the next day. We’ve never laughed so hard at any other late night or daytime host. Congratulations to Craig!

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