Ten ways to make church guests feel unwelcome

1. Make parking for first-time guests inconvenient.
2. Get grouchy greeters.
3. Forgo a Welcome Center.
4. Treat guests like a doctor’s office treats new patients.
5. Don’t escort guests to their classrooms.
6. Put questions in parents’ minds about the safety and security of their children.
7. Make finding a seat really hard.
8. Have guests stand up while everyone else sits, or sit while everyone else stands.
9. Randomly call on people to read or pray.
10. Don’t wear name tags.


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4 Responses to Ten ways to make church guests feel unwelcome

  1. Momma says:

    If I visit a church and the pastor and his wife have reserved parking spaces…I immediately know I’m not going to enjoy the church. Our church constantly struggles with parking spots so I don’t know if having reserved spaces for new comers is the answer. I also HATE wearing name tags. I am anti-name tag. And if you attend a large church like I do, you can’t expect 2500 people to wear name tags each week. I think my church goes out of it’s way to greet and welcome new people but it’s also the job of the new person to not blend in so well and then use it against a new church. That’s my rant.

  2. Jill says:

    I hear ya! I hate when they randomly call on people to read or pray. You really shouldn’t do that unless you know the people involved and have spoken to them about it! And I hate to stand while others sit for recognition! UGH……

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