Seems like an easy record to beat, especially on a college campus

A group of 127 Notre Dame students broke the record for the World’s Longest Spoon Train in the middle of South Quad Thursday afternoon.

Junior Charlie Mahoney originally proposed the idea to his friends as a joke, but the scheme slowly gained credence until finally he and fellow ski team member Joel Sharbrough decided to make the biggest spoon train ever.

“We obviously loved spooning in the first place, so we just thought why don’t we be the best spooners we can be? And it just spiraled into something huge,” event coordinator Sharbrough said.

As ski team spoon co-captain with Kerry McGuire, he planned and advanced the idea for the event.

Spooning occurs when two people lay on their sides facing the same direction so that they fit snugly together.

“It’s not immoral at all,” ski team junior Katie Rehberger said. “It’s a way to unite the campus.”

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