Oregon man thinks his black Labrador is an impostor

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – Ken Griggs likes his new dog, but he preferred the old one. Then again, it might be the same dog. In a possible case of mistaken identity, Griggs said the black Labrador named Callie that he left at a Dundee kennel before spring break was not the same dog he picked up a week later.

“It’s a sweet dog,” Griggs said of the impostor living at his Lake Oswego house. “It’s tough because now we’ve had the dog for 10-plus days, and the kids, especially the younger ones, start to get attached to the dog. I like it, but I want mine.”

Allison Best, owner of the Tail Wag-Inn boarding kennel, said Griggs has the right dog. But Callie’s vet examined the dog Griggs brought home and found evidence that it’s not Callie.

“We know it’s not Callie,” veterinarian Andrea Frost told The Oregonian newspaper.

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One Response to Oregon man thinks his black Labrador is an impostor

  1. Doug says:

    I find it hard to believe they didn't know what their dog looked like when they picked it up. I have a black lab who looks nothing like the hundreds of other black labs I have ever seen. And the actions would certainly be recognizable. I hope they get their dog back.

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