One Shining Moment 2008

And here is a nice little Wikipedia entry about the song. Every year this tradition almost brings a tear to my eye.

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3 Responses to One Shining Moment 2008

  1. Melissa says:

    okay…it doesn’t “almost” for me…i cried last night when i saw it after the game…and again when i just watched it.

    i was rooting for Memphis…only because the Jayhawks killed my Heels…but then i started wanting the Jayhawks to get it…but ohhh the emotion invested in these games!

  2. HeyJules says:

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Our office is abuzz with Jayhawk fans today and it makes for one sweet office mood!

  3. littlepastor says:

    makes me throw up in my mouth just a little… It's tiresome and sappy…

    and I'm sure I must be the only one that feels that way!

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