Obama’s Logo – Subliminal 666

Taken from three posts from the same author:

Am I the only one who sees the hidden 666 in this logo?

The circle is the circle part of the 6 and each red line is the stem part of the 6 and there are three of them. If you rotated the logo 90 degrees and held it up to a mirror you’d have a 666.

It’s a subliminal 666. Obviously they aren’t just going to write 666 plainly in the logo for everyone to see, that would be too obvious. They have to sneak it in subliminally.


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8 Responses to Obama’s Logo – Subliminal 666

  1. dan says:

    waaay toooo subliminal for my brain

  2. blurdo says:

    fantasy land….

    If you look for evidence of something hard enough, you’ll find it – whether it’s there or not. Kind of like WMD’s in Iraq

  3. Melissa says:

    wow…someone even did all the flipping and posted a picture and i still couldn't see it.

  4. Darren says:

    Obama likes Pepsi?

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  6. Johnathan Doughe says:

    Better listen to the man. These sublimianl 666 logos are appearing evreywhere, such as new pepsi logo. Also, WalMart
    changed it’s logo and replaced the 5 pointed star between Wal and Mart, made Walmart one word, and put the 6 pointed star of
    Kabbalism on the end ot the name. NO coincidence,

  7. the_dude says:

    why the hell would he have 666 thats something bad no one would of voted would they?

    if you said in the logo you can read “vote 4 obama”. i might buy it but 666 common get a life lol with all that flipping rotating and mirror sh*t.

  8. farstar99 says:

    The artist already admitted to it.
    Move on.

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