No Water in MLB Dugouts

Two signs on the doors leading from the visitors’ clubhouse at U.S. Cellular Field to the first-base dugout read, “NO BOTTLED WATER ON THE BENCH.”

What’s this? Athletes can’t drink water? Even in the humid Chicago summers?

Here’s the explanation I got:

Gatorade is Major League Baseball’s “official sports drink.” So instructions were sent that no player could be seen drinking anything but Gatorade in the dugout. Not even Aquafina, which is the “official water” of MLB. Not even bottles of water with the labels removed.

White Sox clubhouse personnel said if players take bottled water onto the bench, all the bottled water will be removed from the clubhouse as punishment.


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2 Responses to No Water in MLB Dugouts

  1. BSG says:

    As the movie “Idiocracy” becomes closer and closer to reality. (If you haven’t seen it, a Gatorade like drink had replaced water everywhere.)

  2. suitepotato says:

    Empty Gatorade in toilet. Fill bottle with water. Fold under third finger while gripping bottle so tv cameras catch them giving “the shocker” in protest. Simple.

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