I’ve never heard of milk bags

But it appears my readers in Canada know all about them. Here is a blog about Canadian milk bags.

The Canadian Milk Bag

This is a site dedicated to milk bags. Canadian milk bags to be more precise. (Dairy milk – not to be confused with breast milk which also come in bags.) Canada is not the only place to have milk bags (You can check that out in the misc. section). However, this site will mainly consist of them, which makes sense since I live in Canada. So don’t go thinking I’m a milk bag racist.

I think the most irritating thing of all time (Next to maybe Adam Sandler) is when you’re in the middle of a conversation and you happen to mention milk bags, and the other person is like “WHAT IS A MILK BAG?”, and you try to explain what it is, and how exactly it works but the concept is still a very hard one for them to grasp.

So I have decided to take the liberty upon myself and make a site with all the possible milk bag information which can be jammed packed into one web space (10 megs). My goal is when a person is done looking through this website, to have them completely and utterly educated on everything milk bags related.

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