In the name of love . . .

  • Dang it, Bono, you got it all wrong. A shot didn’t ring out early morning April 4 in the Memphis sky. A shot rang out early evening April 4 out in the memphis sky. Time Magazine
  • Dr. King has been dead 40 years today, I wonder what he would have thought about current race relations.
  • Amazingly Dr. King has now been dead longer than he was alive. He did so much in only 39 years of life. Wow. He seemed so much older and wiser than a 39 year old.
  • I wonder if the teacher that gave him a “C” in his public speaking class ever thought if MLK would ever redeem himself public speaking later in life. I think the student recovered quite well. Report Card Source
  • Tom Brokaw has a two hour MLK special on the History Channel this Sunday I plan on watching. Link
  • Here’s a nice little video tribute of (Pride) In the Name of Love mixed with the I Have a Dream speech along with quotes from other historical figures with all sorts of images.

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