I think Ben is my new favorite character on Lost

But most of all, I’m extremely impressed with Michael Emerson’s portrayal of this character and he definately deserves an Emmy nomination. 

When I was in high school drama class, our teacher (she played one of the Darla’s in the Little Rascals by the way) use to stress the importance of facial expressions.  Emerson is the master of facial expressions.

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4 Responses to I think Ben is my new favorite character on Lost

  1. momma says:

    Ditto! He’s the guy you hate to love. But does Penny have to pay the price for her father’s rule changes? I guess so. We’ll see.

  2. Jared says:

    Ben’s an awesome character. I guess I still just see him as the lesser of two evils between he and Charles Widmore, but he definitely carries the most intrigue of anyone on the show and he’s actually replaced Sawyer and Hurley as the biggest comic relief they have going right now. I hope he’s not the one in the casket at the end of the season. On the other hand, I never like it when they kill off a character, so I probably won’t be happy whowever it is.

  3. PeteJ says:

    It seems like I’ve said this multiple times, but thursday’s episode was my favorite this season. I think Michael Emerson deserves some sort award for this particular show…

  4. John Paul says:

    Separate thought on the latest episode…I don’t follow the Lost blogs so perhaps this thought has been raised / discussed / dismissed…With all the various time / place discplacements that have shown and Widmore’s affinity for the Black Rock… his latest statment that the Island is his makes me think that he has a deeper connection to the island…a drastic leap of theory…might he be the original Captain of the Black Rock?

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