Florida considers Christian license plate

MIAMI, Florida (AP) — Florida drivers can order more than 100 specialty license plates celebrating everything from manatees to the Miami Heat, but one now under consideration would be the first in the nation to explicitly promote a specific religion.

The Florida Legislature is considering a specialty plate with a design that includes a Christian cross, a stained-glass window and the words “I Believe.”

Rep. Edward Bullard, the plate’s sponsor, said people who “believe in their college or university” or “believe in their football team” already have license plates they can buy. The new design is a chance for others to put a tag on their cars with “something they believe in,” he said.

If the plate is approved, Florida would become the first state to have a license plate featuring a religious symbol that’s not part of a college logo. Approval would almost certainly face a court challenge.

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5 Responses to Florida considers Christian license plate

  1. Starr says:

    Great. I foresee a bunch of old people driving too slow and cutting people off, all the while representing Jesus with their license plate. 🙂

  2. Geeding says:

    Starr, you bring up a good point. I can also envision the over-Christianed car that comes complete with the license plate, icthus (fish symbol), and WWDJ bumpers stickers speeding and cutting off people in traffic. 😉

  3. Atticus says:

    I guess this would work if everyone’s religion got included: Muslim, Buddist, Wiccan, Jewish, etc.

  4. suitepotato says:

    Can Florida agnostics represent by not using license plates?

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