Elderly Man Attacks Man with Pricing Gun at Wal-Mart

ROYAL PALM BEACH, FL (AP) — An arrest report say a 70-year-old man attacked an 81-year-old man with a pricing gun inside a Wal-Mart.

The report says Dennis O’Brien and John Esposito began arguing Sunday and O’Brien swung at Esposito with the tool in his right hand.

Authorities say Esposito suffered a swollen left eye and cuts on his nose and mouth.

Esposito said both he and O’Brien worked at Wal-Mart. He would not discuss the nature of their argument.

The report says O’Brien told a sheriff’s deputy he acted in self-defense, but security tape showed O’Brien raising his hand first, striking Esposito in the face and then pushing him to the ground.

Officials booked O’Brien into the Palm Beach County Jail on aggravated battery charges.


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  1. dan says:

    Looks like O’Brien will be demoted back to his entry level job of Greeter

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