Cop eBaying Creepy World Trade Center Snow Globe

I am a police officer who in 2002 had the opportunity to visit “Ground Zero” at the 1 year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. While I was there I purchased this snow globe/paper weight near the site. The globe came in a box which shows the World Trade Center Twin Towers on each side and how the globe originally looked on the top and front. As you can see from the pictures, the globe originally had two standing towers with two police officers standing at the base of each beside their patrol cars with a K-9 standing between them. After I returned home from my visit to New York City I put the snow globe (in it’s box) in a cedar chest in our bedroom and haven’t touched it again. Last month my wife and I were going through the chest looking at different keepsakes we had placed in it, when I came across the snow globe. I opened the globe to show it to my little boy and was very surprised at what I saw. Inside the globe both towers have fallen and actually knocked over the two policemen that were standing at the base of the towers! If you look closely at the broken pieces you can see that they have not been bent over and broken or cut, they just fell over! I immediately showed the globe to my wife who was also as disturbed about the discovery as I was. I don’t really believe in the paranormal but this is a very strange occurance. As in real life, the twin towers fell, killing several police officers and later K-9s were used to find any survivors and the remains of those who perished. I have decided to place the globe up for auction in the hopes that it will be seen as a highly unusual item (more so than a Cheeto that looks like Abe Lincoln that got $10,000.00!!) and fetch a high price. With the proceeds I will donate 25% to the September Fund and the remaining funds will be used to purchase equipment for use by my department’s S.W.A.T. team of which I am a member (We are a volunteer group and have to purchase most of our own equipment).


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