After 75 years of marriage, Fort Worth couple died 5 hours apart

FORT WORTH — The routine was familiar to the family and friends of J.C. and Josie Cox.

When the couple visited, they’d sit a spell and talk, perhaps for an hour, maybe two. Then, without saying a word, Mr. Cox would stand up, grab his hat and coat, and silently walk to the front door. It was his way of saying he was ready to go, and Mrs. Cox, his wife of 75 years, always followed.

Last week, at an Arlington nursing home, Mr. Cox, 100, clutching his wife’s hand, died of complications from pneumonia. Five hours later, Mrs. Cox, 96, followed her husband. She had suffered from a heart condition.

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I saw this story on the local news and was touched seeing two caskets side-by-side.

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2 Responses to After 75 years of marriage, Fort Worth couple died 5 hours apart

  1. Melissa says:

    i can so relate to this…

    in the past 5 months i have lost both of my parents…my dad died exactly 3 months after my mom. they were married 65 years. my dad wasn’t sick…well he had alzheimer’s…but that doesn’t kill you…but he didn’t even have high blood pressure…he died of a broken heart.

    so sweet…yet heart wrenching for the children…no matter how old you are!

  2. hot_bananas says:

    such a bittersweet story. talk about true love and being together until the end, and beyond. may they, both, rest in peace.

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