14 Paramedics Assigned to the Pope’s NY Visit

Paramedics know they can never be too careful about a patient’s health, especially when the patient is the pope.

When Pope Benedict XVI visits New York City later this month, that job will fall to 14 paramedics from St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan. They have been chosen to work in 12-hour shifts during the pope’s three-day stay, ready to race to a hospital in case of an emergency.

The medics, three of whom worked the detail during Pope John Paul II’s 1995 visit, were chosen based on experience, said Phil Eguiguiurens, director of the St. Vincent’s ambulance department.

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One Response to 14 Paramedics Assigned to the Pope’s NY Visit

  1. dan says:

    Oh yea of little faith!

    Does God’s instrument here on earth really need EMTs?

    And if they are treating him and he tells them they are doing it wrong or he doesn’t want treatment what do they do with a patient who happens to be infallible?

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