School clears kids in contraband candy caper

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) — School officials have decided to go light on an eighth-grader caught with contraband candy in New Haven, Connecticut.Michael Sheridan, an eighth-grade honors student who was suspended for a day, barred from attending an honors dinner and stripped of his title as class vice president after he was caught with a bag of Skittles candy in school will get his student council post back, school officials said.

Superintendent Reginald Mayo said in a statement late Wednesday that he and principal Eleanor Turner met with student Michael’s parents and that Turner decided to clear the boy’s record and restore him to his student council post.

Michael was disciplined after he was caught buying a bag of Skittles from a classmate. The classmate’s suspension also will be expunged, school officials said.

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5 Responses to School clears kids in contraband candy caper

  1. teddy whoosevelt says:

    What a loser society we live in…that a kid can’t eat a pack of skittles…isn’t this a bit overboard that we have schools telling us what we can and can’t eat?

  2. suitepotato says:

    Welcome to my state. Total f*cking liberal nanny state, always has been. We have in CT a school system whose position on bullies at the school level is effectively that the kids who are beaten are encouraging it by fighting back, and that bullies are misunderstood, that teenage sex before eighteen doesn’t exist, that teens don’t need proper career training like automotive mechanics or metal fabrication, where they sell pens in vending machines that they then forbid you from actually having in your pocket, and more.

    The oxygen to brain delivery levels have never been high at the CT education system.

  3. Dianne says:

    Glad to see the school came to their senses. Having an 8th grade boy myself, I cannot even believe that this is a real story. I think the kid trying to make some money at school is an entrepreneur. We have become so PC about sugar and then at the same time we promote a bimbo overcharging prostitute as having a possible singing career. Yikes!

  4. Doug says:

    The rebel in me loves poking fun at over zealous people in charge. It generally means you have zero control in your personal life so you want to exercise what little power you have in your professional life.

  5. Randi says:

    School administrators have gotten so overly zealous, that they have lost all common sense. This was ridiculous. I’m glad they have backed down but it doesn’t undo the embarassment and trouble this kid and his family have had to endure. Shame on the school administration.

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