Ruth Graham’s Grave


Question: Can anyone provide me with a source on the meaning of that symbol? I tried searching the interwebs and came up short.

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  1. Melissa says:

    There is also a Chinese symbol for righteousness on the stone (she was raised in China, the daughter of missionaries, and the symbol is on her Father’s tombstone as well).

    That’s what i dug up doing a search…makes sense, since I know she was raised in China.

    Now you can sleep well 😉

  2. Suet says:

    When used in a Chinese name, it means justice and righteousness.
    Source: Oxford concise Chinese-English dictionary

  3. Sandy says:

    Check out book "the Discovery of Genesis" by C.H.Kang and Ethel R. Nelson for description of earliest Chinese Manuscripts . P84 It shows the old calligraphy for hand+lance=me+sheep = righteousness. The context is the Genesis story of Cain & Abel. "The word for righteousness appears to have been derived from this original act of worship, asking forgiveness for sin." Pg 83

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