Roadtrip Day 2 – Las Vegas

  • You really start to feel like you’re on a roadtrip when you finally get out of Texas.
  • Interesting sign right before you enter New Mexico reads, “Now Entering Mountain Time Zone.” It must be interesting for people that live on this boarder and commute over it frequently.
  • The speed limit through much of New Mexico and Arizona is 75 mph. Texas is 70 mph in the day and 65 mph at night.
  • The McDonalds off Route 66 not only has the nicest McDonalds restroom I’ve ever seen but also has free WiFi.
  • When you are in a totally different area of the country it’s always interesting to check your car radio presets and see how the same station number plays totally different music. It’s rap in DFW and tejano in Santa Fe.
  • Caught my first ever New Mexico sunrise and it was beautiful – heck, New Mexico is very beautiful to drive through and that is what is making this roadtrip so much fun. You don’t catch this stuff when you fly. Sometimes it’s nice to sacrifice time over experience.
  • My first observation about Arizona is that you see a plethora of tumble weeds. Heck, I thought tumbleweeds only existed in the movies and cartoons, but you see them tumbling over the highway and I have to do all I can to convince WifeGeeding when she is driving to not chase after them with our 4Runner.
  • Arizona has a lot of signs that tell you what the elevation is, can anyone tell me why the driving public needs to know the elevation?
  • Arizona was an interesting drive as you see nothing but desert, then when you hit Flagstaff you see mountains with tall pines and snow, then it’s back to desert but with much larger mountains.
  • This long road trip is great stress relief therapy. WifeGeeding sleeps a lot so the solitude and serenity along with all the beautiful scenery makes one really aware of God. I also kinda feel like Tom Hanks in the end of Castaway.
  • Audio books are awesome along with instrumental music. Amazingly I haven’t listened to oneU2 song.
  • I learned a few things from the NM traffic signs. You can dial # and a three digit number to report drunk driving and picking up hitch hikers is illegal.
  • The weather has been interesting through AZ and NM. The temperature has been in the low to mid 50’s and there has been a lot of wind which actually makes it hard to drive. I have no idea how the big rigs do it.
  • The rule in the car is that whoever is driving controls the music. WifeGeeding made me listen to an old Brittney Spears album – I’m trying to figure out what I did to tick her off.
  • I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets frustrated when traffic doesn’t work in your favor and you have to release the cruise control.
  • Like a lot of the roads in Texas, the shoulder has grooves that when you run over them makes a loud noise so people can correct their driving . A lot of sections of the highways in AZ and NM go a step further and have grooves between the white lines that separate the lanes.
  • We came really really close to visiting the south rim of the Grand Canyon, but decided against it for several reasons even though I’m the one that has never been there. First of all we have a lot planned for this trip and visiting it will cause us an extra day of travel. We also thought that one day when we have little Geedings running around we would make this a family adventure. Also, WifeGeeding had a very hard week at school and I’m a little afraid she is going to pull a Thelma and Louise or throw me off.
  • The advantage of having a wife that doesn’t have her left eye – when the sun is shining bright on the driver’s side it’s her turn to drive.
  • U.S. 93 goes right over Hoover Dam and there are random security checks of vehicles – and the traffic is horrible. But the scenery is spectacular.
  • This type of road trip gives me an appreciation for Lewis and Clark and makes me want to read up about them.
  • I was able to rig my cell phone to my computer and use it as a modem. As a matter of fact, when WifeGeeding was driving I was able to book our Vegas hotel room online. The email confirmation was sent to my email, which I was able to check on my phone and provide the confirmation to the hotel check-in dude.
  • WifeGeeding and I just finished walking up and down the Strip which means I’m too tired to post any pictures right now, maybe in the morning.  We’ll be here until Monday morning.
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4 Responses to Roadtrip Day 2 – Las Vegas

  1. MamaToots says:

    How far from Amarillo to Las Vegas? Better yet, how fast did you drive? Be careful, have fun and leave Las Vegas w/ the same amount with which you arrived……….less hotel and food!!!

  2. littlepastor says:

    You’ve proven that you don’t have kids, since you don’t know that nearly all McDonalds have free WiFi…

    Have fun in Vegas, and remember it’s not true. What happens in Vegas really does come home with you!

  3. JB Giddens says:

    Make sure you go on the damn dam tour if you come across Hoover again. Chevy said its worth it. If you get to a casino that lets you play “pick a number”, put $50 on 7 for me. Tell Wayne Newton hi from Texas.

  4. DWCliff says:

    I would make the ‘detour’ to get a glimpse of the Grand Canyon. Even if you can only stay for 30 minutes or an hour you would never regret it….and the drive from Williams, AZ to the south rim park is less than 60 miles. I made the trip to Vegas quite a few times without seeing the Grand Canyon and when I finally made the trek north, I kicked myself for not having gone on an earlier trip. It is one of the true scenic wonders of this great country!

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