Oversize Truck Crash In Tunnel Caught On Tape

BOSTON (WBZ) ― A spectacular crash involving a flatbed truck was caught on tape inside the I-90 connector tunnel. The truck was too big, but the driver kept going despite alarms.

It happened Tuesday just after 4 p.m. on the westbound side.

In a video released by the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Thursday, the flatbed truck carrying a crane is seen heading into the Ted Williams Tunnel. It triggered the overheight sensors and the warning sign before the tunnel’s entrance, but the driver didn’t stop.

Then, a latch detached and the boom of the crane became loose, causing sparks to fly.

Moments later, as regular traffic was moving through the connector tunnel, the crane’s boom gouged into the tunnel ceiling, and the truck came to an abrupt stop.

Full Article and Video

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