Newspaper Troubles

The newspaper industry has experienced the worst drop in advertising revenue in more than 50 years.

According to new data released by the Newspaper Association of America, total print advertising revenue in 2007 plunged 9.4% to $42 billion compared to 2006 — the most severe percent decline since the association started measuring advertising expenditures in 1950.

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One Response to Newspaper Troubles

  1. Andy Box says:

    Interesting but not surprising. For me, actualy sitting down and reading a newspaper is something I only do while traveling, and then only if I stay in a nice hotel that gives me one for free. I get the vast majority of my news online, generally either,, or

    My parents and grandparents keep asking me if I saw such-and-such article in the paper, and generally I either read it online several hours before they did or never saw it b/c it wasn’t obvious on the website. I figure it’s largely a generational thing.

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