NBA Dance Team Bracket has a dance team braket done NCAA tourney style, which naturally made me wonder how the Mavs dancers are doing – and it turns out they lost in the first round to the Utah Jazz dancers! I was in disbelief until I saw the picture of the Jazz dancers used against the Mavs dancers. That little easy to find wardrobe is probably one of the most seductive things a woman can wear. Ladies, wear that and you can get your man to do anything.


Our journey to the Finals doesn’t begin until April, but we’re not waiting to get in on the tournament action. We need your help to fill in our 30-team Dance Team Bracket — a single-elimination tournament to crown the fans’ favorite dance team. For the past two seasons — 2006, 2007) — you selected the Heat, but who will it be this year? Click on any of the team logos below to view the matchups, then come back on the date listed below to cast your vote for your favorites. The final round of voting takes place April 2-3, with the winner being announced April 4.

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  1. BONE says:

    Hey, the Jazz should have beat the Mavs Dancers. I went to a Mavs game last month and the Mavs dancers are now sponsored by Planet Tan. They all looked bright metallic orange. I thought it was disgusting. I mean it looked like the oompa loopma dance team. They need to ditch that sponsorship and quit sleeping in tanning beds. It was disgusting and I can never look at the Mavs dancers the same again.


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