Major caucus line at my precinct




  • Pandemonium is a good word to describe this event.
  • We had to park several blocks away.
  • The polls stayed open for an extra 2 hours just so everyone that entered the building when the poll closed could vote.
  • The caucus system in Texas isn’t very easy to follow or understand, but it was really neat to experience it first hand.
  • Everybody was pretty darn happy despite the long lines and confusion.
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2 Responses to Major caucus line at my precinct

  1. George says:

    I bet half of those folks were Republicans casting their vote for Hillary to keep her in play. They’re being extra-friendly while in their heads thinking, “I’m sabotaging your primary. [Raspberry noise].”

  2. carolyn says:

    Thanks for standing in line. I trust you to do the right thing.

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