Lots of deadlines . . . too busy to blog

But feel free to complete this sentence:

Sad is . . .

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9 Responses to Lots of deadlines . . . too busy to blog

  1. Chris says:

    knowing, " tomorrow is promise to no one."

    Which actor said that line in a movie? Not doing my own poll, just fun

  2. paul says:

    when optimus prime died in the original transformers movie *crying*

  3. Heyjules says:

    never being able to say “I love you.”

  4. Paul says:

    seeing your child in pain and knowing theres nothing you can do to make him feel better.

  5. as sad does.

    And to think, I have a Ph.D. in this stuff.

  6. Rev. Hart says:

    …a day without Bag Of Nothing!

    (good luck on those deadlines, friend).

  7. jim penner says:

    …to busy to blog!

  8. Darren says:

    “Sad is day…In the park…I think it was the 4th of Juuuly”

  9. moldislaughing says:

    …not being as quick witted as Darren!

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