Injuries at Six Flags

A visit to the local theme park doesn’t always have a happy ending.

Six Flags Over Texas has averaged about 50 guest injuries a year since 2005, ranging from small cuts to dislocated knees and neck strains. At Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, the water park has reported about 20 guest injuries per year in the past three years.

Most of the injuries occurred on the big roller coasters, the Titan and the Texas Giant, which often jostle riders around. But a number of injuries also occurred while guests waited in line, often small children playing on line ropes or running in line.

Rides with the most injuries 2005-07

Six Flags Over Texas

Titan — 22

Texas Giant –14

Runaway Mountain — 12

Texas Tornado — 9*

Roaring Rapids — 7

Shockwave — 7

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  1. Starr says:

    Um….doesn’t everyone who rides the Texas Giant suffer a bit of neck strain?

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