Disneyland to San Diego

Time to catch up on a few thoughts before I visit family in San Diego:

  • From Vegas to Disneyland I actually saw highway signs using the metric system. I also saw that there was a set apart solid white line lane just for vehicles with trailers.
  • In the Disneyland parking lot we saw a posted speed limit sign of 14 mph . . . 14?
  • Disneyland has now built a gigantic five story parking garage, it’s fantastic.
  • Maybe it’s just one of those things we don’t understand since we are not parents, but we have a hard time understanding why so many parents bring their stroller strapped kids. It seems that if the child has to be pushed around in a stroller that child not only can’t participate in all the attractions because of physical limitations but they also can’t conceptually appreciate the experience. Not to mention, it must be a bear pushing that stroller and dodging other park guests.
  • We heard one mother say to her child who was about to roam the park all on her own, “If you get lost or need help, just ask anyone with a Disney shirt for help.” I recommended to her that a park name tag might be a little more beneficial.
  • The happiest person in the entire park had to be WifeGeeding.
  • We were very fortunate that not only was the weather PERFECT but the crowd was actually pretty small. How small, only about a 20-30 minute wait for Indiana Jones and Space Mountain which we road multiple times.
  • The castle in Disneyworld is much larger than the one in Disneyland.
  • Surviving Space Mountain:
  • Surviving the Tea Cups:
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3 Responses to Disneyland to San Diego

  1. MamaToots says:

    Dramamine for sale……………cheap!!

  2. Bryan says:

    The 14 mph speed limit is pretty common in the amusement and theme park industry. The idea is that an uncommon speed limit number is more noticeable than a more common number like 10 or 15.

  3. blurdo says:

    On the metric signs, back in the 70’s Carter signed a law committing the US to use metric on all the signs. I believe the only state to change them all was Alabama – imagine that!

    Then, what happened? After it didn’t catch on, they spent the money to change them all back!! Genius.

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