Birthing stool out of a milk bucket

So I am pregnant. Living in Holland, we just handle the pregnancy with a so called verloskundige (midwife): a medical professional who is skilled in pregnancies and delivering babies. No need for a gynecologist when there is no medical reason.

Birthing should be done as natural as possible, so preferable just like in the old days, at home. So to help me with that, the in-laws provided me with their birthing stool.
These days most midwives carry one standard with them at deliveries. Sitting on it the birthing woman can make good use of gravity to help getting the child out. It also helps a little preventing a disaster zone down there…

But this is not a regular birthing stool. The in-laws used to have a milk farm, so when the use of birthing stools came in use, a home made one was soon provided for the births of the third and fourth child.

Kneeling on it helps bearing the labour contractions better before, and after the birth, catching the placenta.

And yes, this one is made out of a proper milk bucket, with a piping of rubber and a metal seating. Covered with warm towels, it should do its work well.

I’ll let you know how it worked out.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow, that's pretty handy. I was looking on the internet to purchase a stool, but they are too expensive for just one use. This is an interesting idea, I like how it catches all the after-birth.

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