Any suggestions?

I have an external Lacie hard drive that I have stored music, pictures, and documents on; however, it is no longer readable and makes a clicking noise.  I’ve hooked it up on two different computers with the same result – the computer tells me that the drive needs to be formatted.  Well, if I do that I’m just going to erase what I have on it. 

So far I think I have two options.  I can try to repair on my own and even try the put it in the freezer overnight trick, or I can take it somewhere for data recovery. 

Any suggestions on who I should take it to or how to do the data recovery myself?

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2 Responses to Any suggestions?

  1. Doug says:

    Data recovery companies can cost hundred or thousands. I would research data recovery software online. When you see something you like let me know and I can possibly “find” you a copy.

  2. noevadeaux says:

    I’ve used twice and they did an excellent job, but were very expensive on one job because we asked for a 24 hour turnaround – the did it, and we got all the customer data back but it cost about $1500. I used them another time and it took a long time because the drive had a head crash, but we got all the customer data back – that cost about $1000 because the data was badly damaged and they could only retrieve little bits of files at a time.

    I used ITS-Data Recovery at 9182 Independence Ave in Chatsworth, CA once and they recovered a 160GB SATA drive for $695 and we got all the customer data back. They were a lot cheaper than driversavers, and did an excellent job as well. That was back in Oct of 2006 – I’m sure the prices have come down some because the service is being offered by more companies.

    I also always send along a new target hard drive, because it’s quicker to deal with the restores than having them send the data on CDs.

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