Would You Eat Your Buddies in a Blizzard?

Suppose you were stranded in a blizzard and were forced to cannibalize your friends. This short survey will tell you how likely you would be to eat your buddies.

This quiz works best if you pick a few of your closest friends and answer the questions with them in mind.


My results:

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2 Responses to Would You Eat Your Buddies in a Blizzard?

  1. momma says:

    I had this sick agreement,in writing, with my A&P teacher in high school that if either of us died while we were out in a blizzard, we could eat one another to survive. He kept it up on the blackboard all year for everyone to see. It was right after Alive came out. He was a funny guy.

  2. carolyn says:

    A big 13 percent for this vegetarian. I though it would be higher. I can imagine looking a work colleague up and down after a week or so of nothing to eat. 🙂

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