Vets remove 11lbs of hair from matted dog in three-hour operation

This is the first time he has been able to move easily for years after four vets spent three hours shaving and cutting away more than 11lb of filthy, matted hair while he was under a general anaesthetic.

Afghans are known for their beautiful long hair. But Alfie’s coat had been neglected for so long that when he was found abandoned in Bradford he was barely able to walk.

RSPCA inspector Rachel Oprysk could not believe the level of neglect he had suffered. She said: “I was horrified at what state he came to us in.

“He was struggling to walk and cock his leg, because of the weight of his coat.

“He’s probably not been groomed for months – if not years. The extent of the matting is the worst I have ever seen in a dog.

“Dogs like Alfie, with long hair, need a lot of attention to keep their coats healthy. It can be quite high-maintenance.

“The weight of the matting must have been painful – it would have been like having his hair constantly pulled.

“His skin had been infected from the constant drag and the dirt.”

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  1. me! says:

    man look how refreshed he looks after. must have felt grrrrrrrreat!

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