Top Ten Reasons Why Iraq Should Be Our 51st State

  1. bumper1130.gifWe spend over $5.6 billion dollars a month in Iraq, which is more Federal aid than any current state is receiving.

  1. At $5.6 billion dollars, we could pay each and every Iraqi $215 a month, ten times what their average income is now. How could they complain?

  1. With an estimated 250,000 American citizens currently residing in Iraq it is already nearly half the population size of Wyoming.

  1. Fighting would have to stop because the U.S. cannot declare war on itself.

  1. We save time and money not having to draft up a separate Iraqi constitution since we already have one.

  1. Baghdad is only 1400 miles further from Washington than Honolulu is.

  1. Historically, we have added new states about every 50 years. We are due.

  1. We reduce unemployment by creating jobs for English teachers.

  1. Forget the oil. We need a state with a “Q” in it!

  1. We made Alaska and Hawaii states.


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