The new Laser TV from Mitsubishi provides the best colores yet


Those mad scientists at Mitsubishi have built the ultimate entertainment weapon—the laser TV! Lasers shooting out of a television screen isn’t as scary as it may sound. But it does have one big benefit-color.

Lasers can be tuned to the exact wavelength of light you like—down to the nanometer. So TV makers can produce the ideal shades of red, green, and blue to produce the best colors possibly. Mitsubishi claims this allows them to reproduce about 80 percent of all the colors humans can see—versus about 40 percent for other TVs.

Is all that true? I can’t say for sure, but I know that colors were stunning. And maybe I just had too many cocktails at the launch party, but I think I saw colors that I hadn’t seen before on a TV.


Speaking of the launch party, who knew you had to have barely dressed hot chicks help sell a product.  Link

The only way I would get one of these is if the laser was attached to the head of a friggin’ shark.  If you don’t get that quote, then I question your taste in movies.


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