Teacher crosses line between church and state

I found the most interesting part of the story is that the teacher’s first name is Wally.  I can’t recall ever meeting or knowing a Wally other than a TV character.

IRASBURG — Mel Downs doesn’t object to academic discussions over the relative merits of varying religious philosophies.

But when his daughter came home from her public school with a handout titled “Why Jesus Is Better Than Santa Claus,” the Irasburg father took offense.

“It isn’t about my religion or me being biased in some way,” Downs said. “It’s about the separation of church and state that is supposed to exist in my daughter’s classroom.”

Downs’ daughter attends seventh grade at Irasburg Village School. She received the “Jesus” handout just before Christmas vacation, and Downs says it reflects a pattern of religious-themed material being taught by Wally Rogers, his daughter’s language arts teacher.

When Downs’ daughter began the school year in September, he said, the Ten Commandments were mounted to the classroom wall, Christian books filled the classroom bookshelf, and a school-funded Web page, used by the teacher, included links to Christian Web sites.


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