14 Responses to Talk about high tops

  1. hot_bananas says:

    oh, sure. try wearing that at the airport, going through security. that would be a hilarious sight to see.

  2. aleena says:

    where can i buy these

  3. alex says:

    I really want some of these

  4. kayleigh says:

    please tell me that you can actually buy the somewhere x

  5. Lilli says:

    I just got these today xD

  6. hhhhhgg says:

    so cute i wont

  7. chloe says:

    where:) ?

  8. annalise says:


  9. courtney says:

    were did you get them i want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz tell me

  10. katiw says:

    You will be publicly humilated u would be caught dead in those horrifying terrifying peices of clothing i am amplified

  11. KoolDuude says:

    Cool but wierd i mean seriously i would be caught dead in those publicly HUMILIATED

  12. Emerson says:

    I WANT THOSE SHOE PANTS! Can I get them somewhere?! PLEASE SAY YES!!!

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