Show Me Clowns For Jesus National Conference

February 15-17, 2008
Located at the Clarion Hotel in Springfield, Missouri

Mission Statement:

Cultivate learning opportunities to develop and refine Christian clowning skills.

Encourage high ethical , professional, and Christian clown standards.

Promote clowning as a ministry to bring joy and the love of Jesus to others.



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One Response to Show Me Clowns For Jesus National Conference

  1. Sylvia Yount says:

    Hey! That's me! Have come to "Showme" for 13 years. It is an awesome time of learning and growing your performance and ministry skills. And make new forever friends. My first year I came alone and was a bit annxious about my lack of knowledge concerning gospel clowning. By the end of the first class that was over. We are here to help each other grow no matter your position. Wether a staff member a preformer of many years or brand new to the concept. We learn from and minister to each other. I love "Showme" time.

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