School Refuses To Let Boy Join Cheerleading Squad

bobbyasfdasf.jpgGLENDALE, Ky. — Bobby Thorn wanted to be the only boy on his school’s cheerleading squad, but that didn’t happen.

The 13-year-old attends East Hardin Middle School in Glendale, but the controversial decision to cut him from the team expands beyond the district’s boundaries.

Bobby’s mother filed a discrimination claim with the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights two years ago, and now a settlement has been reached.Bobby works with coach Jen Brewer at a gym called Becca’s Fliptown, something he’s been doing since he was about 5. He’s been successful, too, winning trophies for gymnastics and cheerleading.

“Bobby’s phenomenal,” Brewer said. “You don’t have this kind of kid with this kind of potential walk in your gym every day.”

With his award-winning experience, Bobby tried out for the cheerleading team at East Hardin, but there was a twist: He was the only boy trying to make it.

Despite his flips, his tryout was a flop. He didn’t make the team.

“I was devastated,” he said.

So was Bobby’s mother, Melissa Barner, who said she has sworn statements from other parents stating the coach admitted cutting Bobby because she didn’t want a boy on her team.

What especially bothers her is the coach was also the school’s human resources counselor.

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The only reason I’m posting this is because it made me think of Bobby from King of the Hill, who I always thought looked like a young Rush Limbaugh.

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