Save a Blade

Save a Blade Save money every time you shave! Get up to 200 close shaves with a single blade. Cordless electric sharpener glides across single or multi-blade razor cartridges converting used, dull blades into razor-sharp blades in seconds with push button operation. Reusing the same blade makes it easy to save a dime every time you pick up your razor.



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16 Responses to Save a Blade

  1. Doug says:

    I’ve already requested the Musers review this bad boy and let us know if it works. I love when they do shaving talk.

  2. Lisa S says:

    I got sick of spending alot of money buying those replacement blades, so I saw a commercial for Save a Blade and decided to give it a try. I waited till my blade on razor was pretty dull. I put it in it’s cradle and let it do it’s thing. It worked, it was a good as new. I would definately recommend it.

  3. Charles says:

    I shave my head bald and my face as well. I bought this because I use one razor blade a month and wanted to save some money. I used the save a blade for one month and now I have to change blades on the 1st as I normally do. I believe this product is a gimmick and I can honestly say that it DOES NOT work.

  4. Ian says:

    I bought this product hoping to save some money on razor blades. Instead of making the razor blade sharper, it made it WORSE by dulling the blade of a perfectly NEW razor. I will be requesting to return this product and get my money back.

  5. Kent Banbury says:

    The sharpener seems to make a dull blade even duller. I would not reccomend this product to anyone.

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  7. Leonidas-5555 says:

    Don’t waste your money. Another must-have miracle product that doesn’t work. The onlly miracle is your money disappearing and you, left with a gadget that doesn’t work. In the present economy you can’t afford impulse buys. Make a search for complaint and the name of product since many reviews are plant. People paid to leave positive reviews. Buyer beware.

  8. chris riberdy says:

    I use a gillette sensor excel razor….and I bought this product with the hopes of saving a little money on replacement blades. Well, after 33 dollars (shipping was outrageous) and six weeks, I received my save a blade in the mail. My razor won’t even fit into the thing so that it can work. What a piece of crap. The website says that it works on all razors….guess who’s getting their product back?

  9. Will Smythe says:

    If it takes 6 weeks to get the thing, I wonder how long it takes to get your money back??? I would guess you have to be persistent. These fake products rely on people forgetting or giving up on returns. Maybe contact the better business bureau.

  10. Matt says:

    It doesn’t work at all. It is a total FRAUD.

  11. Idella Hansen says:

    I was going to purchase but was looking for reviews glad I found this site. MChoochoo

  12. DG says:

    It works on some brands of blades and not others. It seems dual-blades respond best to it. That’s why the mixed reviews. Try it on a plain-vanilla Gillette Sensor. I can honestly say that my re-sharpened Sensor blade give the closest shave I’ve ever had.

  13. WV says:

    There’s a sucker in every crowd…..and products like these find them every time!

  14. Bill Johnson says:

    Bought a Save-a-Blade one month ago at CVS drugstore.
    I use a Gillette Fusion Power…
    $20+ for 8 blades at Walmart…
    Have not replaced a blade since I bought the Save-a-Blade.
    Seems to work as advertised for me.
    100+ shaves and still acceptable, not like new anymore, but definitely not dull.

  15. Mike says:

    I was curious after seeing the commercial-Anytime I see a ‘Seen-on-TV’ type product that I may want ( which is rare ), I always:
    1. Check for reviews of the product on google
    2. BUY IT ON EBAY! Don’t buy it from the tv ad!

    I got one of these for $13 shipped on ebay. I figured if it really was junk, I’d only be out $13.

    I use Mach 3 razors. They fit nicely into the SAB. The instruction pamphlet that came with the SAB states that you must wet your blade before sharpening it, which I think ALOT of people are not doing. Mine work very nicely. I’ve already tryed sharpening some dull disposible razors i had ( Mach 3 disposibles ), and it sharpened the blades on those too nicely. I don’t know if any of these new razors with 4 blades and weird funky shapes will fit into it. Hope this was helpful to you.

  16. Lou Kraft says:

    This product is effective in cleaning the corrosion off the blade. I found that stopping the corrosion is the best way. I use the <a href="” target=”_blank”> and was very pleased. 5 months now with the same blade.

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