Roy Williams Changing Jersey Numbers

royrun31azklj.jpgHe will change his jersey number from 31 to 38, which he wore at Oklahoma.  Williams, a devout Christian, said the number eight represents a new beginning in the Bible.

Williams wore No. 38 during practice the past two days.  He said he chose not to change numbers sooner because he didn’t want owner Jerry Jones to lose money on jersey sales.


I wonder if the number change will happen this season or next?

I was also unfamiliar with the number eight meaning a new beginning in the Bible, but this is what I found:

The number “8” in the Bible represents “new beginnings”. This is seen when God repopulated the earth after the flood by using eight people. This is also seen in the Bible when male Jewish infants were circumcised on the eighth day of their birth.  Source

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2 Responses to Roy Williams Changing Jersey Numbers

  1. Doug says:

    Call me weird but this can’t be good. I always hear the Musers talk about jerseys and numbers on jerseys and if you ask me 38 is a much slower number than 31. The “1” is just a slippery fast number. “8”…not so much and on it’s side it means infinity. If he starts getting toasted for long gains (more than he already does) come back and read this post and know that it’s because of the “8”.

  2. Danny says:

    We can only hope that changing his number to something representing ‘new beginnings’ will mean that he will start playing like he did early in his career. I was a little surprised at his addition to the pro bowl squad this year.

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