Random Politcal Thought

I wonder what a presidential election will look like 35 years from now when people will be pulling up a candidate’s MySpace or Facebook page about posts that candidate made while in college.

I wonder if there are people that think about what they post on those respective pages today while in their college years not thinking about how it might haunt them in the future.  I know of the stories of how college graduates are not hired because of how hiring companies include a research of these sites in a background search, but I wonder exactly how long those posts might haunt them. 

I wonder if they will be smart enough to delete those pages one day, and I wonder if those page will eventually expire in one fashion or another.

I am also a little ashamed of starting every sentence in this post with an I.

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One Response to Random Politcal Thought

  1. littlepastor says:

    If you ever run for office you are so screwed!

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