Puberty at the age of three

3yearoldpuberty.jpgAt the age of three, the worries of most little girls rarely stretch beyond what outfit to dress their dolls in, and how to ride a bike. But for Hayley Smith, her third year brought a set of problems most children her age wouldn’t even have heard of, let alone been able to comprehend – puberty.

While her baby-sized friends enjoyed the simplest of life’s pleasures, Hayley spent her time laid up on the sofa with period pains.

She also had to put up with other un-pleasantries of puberty, including body odour, greasy hair and mood swings.

Not surprisingly, her parents, Debbie, 41, a chemist and David, 45, a project manager from Nottingham, were left both distraught and baffled by the changes in their daughter’s body, and behaviour.

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  1. Jifman says:

    I don’t mean to be mean spirited or anything but do any of you guys really read these articles fully? This is the 4th blog I’ve seen this on and every time you guys always mention Hayley yet the girl in the photo is clearly named underneath said photo as Ellie Mae-Holden who appears way later in the article

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