Lost Returns Tonight

Thankfully last night ABC ran the season ender from last year so we could all get caught up and be reminded about everything that happened because it’s been so friggin’ long.

But the re-run came with a twist, comments appeared at the bottom of the screen from time to time that gave you a little background and insight into what was happening on the screen.  I woud say the tone was a little dark with the comments.  It was as if they hired a disgruntled employee from Pop-Up Videos.  Either way, I thought it was TV gold.  With a series that’s pretty darn complex, this was agreat way to get caught up.

Also, I feel pretty darn convinced after rewatching that episode that Ben is in that coffin.

This clip has nothing to do with last nights episode, but I still found it funny.

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4 Responses to Lost Returns Tonight

  1. littlepastor says:

    I miss the simplicity of season 1…

  2. Rev. Hart says:

    We have al of season 2 still saved on our DVR, and when we’ve had time in the last few weeks, we’ve watched the last several episodes leading up to the last one. (Yes, we’re big fans, heavily invested in this story 🙂

    I’m not sure it’s Ben in the coffin (could be) but I now think that everyone is back on land but Jack alone is going nuts there.

    PS. Locke is still my favorite character and has ben since season 1.

  3. momma says:

    it’s GOT to be Ben in the coffin. If not, it’s someone that was newspaper worthy and someone that Kate really can’t stand. ARGHHH! Pay the writers already!

  4. Ashley says:

    My first thought was that Sawyer is in the coffin. Then I thought Locke, but I don’t think he’d leave the island. I don’t think it’s Ben, either. I guess I’m sticking with Sawyer.

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