Letterman, Stern, Dr Phil, Shaffer, and UNT

Once again I can’t fall asleep so I’m up watching Letterman and he has Howard Stern as a guest.  Stern starts to talk about Dr. Phil and mentions what kind of fraud this guy is and how he has done a little background check on the good doctor.  He goes on to say that Dr Phil’s dissertation was over arthritis and that he graduated from the University of North Texas – a place he claims you can’t even get a drivers license or something to that affect.  Then Stern goes on a little University of North Texas rant about how it’s a two bit university.  I mention this because the university is about 15 minutes north of GeedingManor.  Oh, and SisterGeeding is currently a student there.

But what got me really thinking was that when I was in junior high I heard that Dave’s musical sidekick, Paul Shaffer, graduated from the University of North Texas - it does after all  have one heck of a music program, and Norah Jones attend.  So this got me to wondering why didn’t Paul chime in about his school during Stern’s rant?  Well, I used The Google and couldn’t find any sort of relationship between Shaffer and UNT.  Turns out it was a local urban legend or something.

But here’s something I did find interesting about Shaffer, he was actually inducted into the National Black Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame.  Source 

I’m sure not a lot of folks don’t know any notable alumni from UNT, other than Mean Joe Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dr Phil, so here’s part of the Wikipedia list of notable alumni.

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Pat Boon
  • Thomas Haden Church
  • “Blue” from the movie Old School
  • Phyllis George
  • Don Henley
  • Meat Loaf
  • Roy Orbinson
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8 Responses to Letterman, Stern, Dr Phil, Shaffer, and UNT

  1. sistergeeding says:

    Aside from the Jazz program I think UNT is kind of a two-bit university also. It’s not really well known all that much. And to get anywhere in most careers the more well known the school you attended the easier it is to be successful.

    P.S. 9 Months and 18 Days till first day of AADA.. YAY!!!!!

  2. Barry says:

    It’s always fun to run a background check on a celebrity to see if they have a history. Sometimes you can get school records too!

  3. littlepastor says:

    I went to a small regional Oklahoma University; and never, not once has it kept me from getting a job or an opportunity. I don’t buy the whole ‘two-bit’ university crap.

    I understand some are more prestigious, and in some parts of the world it might matter.

  4. lobster says:

    Indeed, I feel like a sucker buying into that urban legend as well, as I remember hearing that a lot when I went there, and naturally I’ve told a lot of people that — so I was wondering the same when I saw he didn’t speak up — but upon further research, it does turn out the trombone player went there.. ( http://www.unt.edu/northtexan/archives/w00/latenight.htm ) , but I don’t know if random band folk have carte blanch to interrupt dave in an interview … although that still would have been awesome 😀

  5. MToots says:

    Add another notable alum: Your father-in-law!!

  6. MikeonTV says:

    I saw the show. The apperance was fantastic. Dr Phil is a Shlub!

  7. Bryan says:

    I worked my tail off for my business degree at UNT and had well-respected professors that challenged and inspired. You can knock it for being a commuter school (although it’s getting further away from that label every year) and for having a laughable athletic program, but I would never call it “two-bit”.

  8. Doug says:

    Utoh, sistergeeding has started a side topic.

    I feel that the larger, more high profile schools may open more doors initially. But once you get in the door of your desired profession, your school has little to do with the level of your success or the ease of getting to that level. I believe it’s got everything to do with your performance. However, what do I know. I’ve worked at the company for 21.5 years.

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